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Mr. Mark A. Bland Sr.
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I, Mark A Bland Sr, is CEO and the founder of Healthy Habits. My nonprofit agency is designed to adhere to the special needs of adults with disabilities, personal home-care management, natural cures/remedies, transitional living assistance.

Healthy Habits is an agency that adheres to adult care, those with special needs, and transitional living assistance.  The adult clients may have special needs that vary from mental retardation (DMR), epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, seizures, elderly, and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).  Other clients are confined to a wheel or a motor-chair, paralysis in bed at home, accident recovery, disabled, veterans, and clients who transitioned from a hospital to their place of residence more.

Health care providers are people who provide a health care service that takes care of you or others. A good deal of health care providers are trained as certified or licensed professional who dedicate their live assisting others. There are several types of health care providers such as personal care, home care, primary care, nursing care, drug therapy, specialty care, and more.

The staff members are Certified Nurses Assistants CNA’s, Personal Care Assistance PCA’s, Home Care Providers, HCP’s, Registered Nurses RN’s, and Nurse Practitioners NP’s.  The services provided at Healthy Habits are adult home/personal care, short/long term care, cooking, bathing, feeding, general nutrition, personal hygiene, and medication management.  Other services provided are one-on-one counseling, laundry, socialization skills, walking, finances, grocery/clothes shopping, and more.

Primary Care:

A primary care provider (PCP) is a person who manages your overall health as she/he takes care of you by providing you with your necessary check-ups and other health issues. A primary care provider or doctor who adheres to the special need that most women require their health, prenatal, and wellness, is called a Obstetrician/Gynecologists (OB/GYN’s).

Other primary care providers are physician’s assistants (PA’s) who manages women’s health care needs as their services are to assist the medical doctors (MD). Nurse practitioners (NP) are trained professionals who also assist women in the areas of pediatrics, geriatrics, body screenings, prescriptions, and family planning.

Drug Therapy:

A drug therapists is a licensed pharmacists who prepares and prescription medicine to patients who need them. They also provide patients with medical information that is needed to treat body ailments, diseases, and other chronic illness, that effect both women/men patients. Your local pharmacists is also available to converse with primary care providers about dosages of medication, side effects, health evaluations, and to ensure that the patient is practicing safety methods.

Nursing Care:

There are several primary care providers that are required to have special training and state licenses. Registered nurses, (RN’s), licensed practical nurses (LPN’s), and advance practice nurses (APN’s), whose experience is beyond that of the RN’s as well as the LPN’s. Advance practice nurses include certified nurse midwives (CNM’s) who specializes in prenatal care, birth, delivery, and after birth care.

Clinical nurse specialists (CNS’s) who are trained in the areas of community health, cardiac, and psychiatric care. The last primary care provider is a certified nurse anesthetists (CRNA’s) who specializes in assisting the surgeons by ensuring that the patient is relaxed and sleeping during surgery.

Specialty Care:

For those who require special care your primary care provider may refer you to the following health care professionals such as;

Allergy – asthma

Anesthesiology — general anesthesia or spinal block for surgeries and some forms of pain control

Cardiology — heart disorders

Dermatology — skin disorders

Endocrinology — hormonal and metabolic disorders, including diabetes

Gastroenterology — digestive system disorders

Immunology — disorders of the immune system

Infectious Disease — infections affecting the tissues of any part of the body

Phrenology — kidney disorders

Neurology — nervous system disorders

Obstetrics/Gynecology — pregnancy and women’s reproductive disorders

Oncology — cancer treatment

Ophthalmology — eye disorders and surgery

Orthopedics — bone and connective tissue disorders

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitative Medicine — for disorders such as low back injury, spinal cord injuries, and strokes

Psychiatry — emotional or mental disorders

Pulmonary (lung) — respiratory tract disorders

Radiology — x-rays and related procedures (such as ultrasound, CT, and MRI)

Hematology — pain and other symptoms related to joints and other parts of the musculoskeletal system

Urology — disorders of the male reproductive system and urinary tract and the female urinary tract


Our Mission at Healthy Habits is assist those who are in need or less fortunate to help themselves !  A primary care provider is important to many people who may need their assistance and they assist doctors as well. They are there to make it easier for the patients to live a normal life and to provide medical assistance when needed. Kudos to all of them and thank you for your support !

FOUNDER & CEO: Mr. Mark A. Bland Sr

EIN 81-3062379   August 08, 2008



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