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Mr. Mark A. Bland Sr.
Healthy Habits: Adult Care & Transitional Living Assistance !

Brockton MA, 02302
Cell: 860-816-8089

Business: 508-418-3914

I, Mark A Bland Sr, is CEO and the founder of Healthy Habits. My nonprofit agency is designed to adhere to the special needs of adults with disabilities, personal home-care management, natural cures/remedies, transitional living assistance.

Healthy Habits is an agency that adheres to adult care, those with special needs, and transitional living assistance.  The adult clients may have special needs that vary from mental retardation (DMR), epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, seizures, elderly, and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).  Other clients are confined to a wheel or a motor-chair, paralysis in bed at home, accident recovery, disabled, veterans, and clients who transitioned from a hospital to their place of residence more.

The staff members are Certified Nurses Assistants CNA’s, Personal Care Assistance PCA’s, Home Care Providers, HCP’s, Registered Nurses RN’s, and Nurse Practitioners NP’s.  The services provided at Healthy Habits are adult home/personal care, short/long term care, cooking, bathing, feeding, general nutrition, personal hygiene, and medication management.  Other services provided are one-on-one counseling, laundry, socialization skills, walking, finances, grocery/clothes shopping, and more.


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The donations collected for Healthy Habits will be directed towards property or a facility to house our adult female/male clients, medical supplies, transportation, food, clothing, and hiring staff members. Our Mission at Healthy Habits is assist those who are in need or less fortunate to help themselves !  Thank you !

FOUNDER & CEO: Mr. Mark A. Bland Sr !

EIN 81-3062379